Bitcoin Price History

Bitcoin Price History

The Original cost of a Bitcoin back in the summer of 2010 was around a nickel. By January of 2011, the price has reached $1 USD.

Bitcoin reached its first peak in early June of 2011 when the cost reached $31 on MtGox. By the fall of 2011, prices had dropped to below $3 USD. By the end of 2011, BTC was selling around $5 per coin. The first half of 2012 saw BTC slowly rise from $5 to $7 and then made a strong push in the fall of 2012 to reach $13 by years end.

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You could feel the momentum of BTC as 2013 began. By late February the price had claimed a new high of $32 per coin. But the price did not stop there. Prices continued to rise, setting new highs almost daily eclipsing $100 in early April. The Price continued to soar peaking at $263 on April 10 but then crashed that same day to $126. Eventually the price of BTC would stabalize arond $130 by the end of the month but the panic of the crash had a long term effect that pulled the price of BTC all the way down to the $70 range by mid summer 2013.

By summers end in 2013, the price was back up over $100 and climbing. By Late October, the price of BTC was over $200 again. A new All time high was reached in early November 2013 when BTC went over $280 for the first tim ever but the price continued to climb as a new boom was on the horizon.

The Price of BTC doubled from $300 to $600 in one week in the middle of November then it nearly doubled again by months end surpassing the $1,000 mark by the end of November. On December 4th, 2013 a new Peak for BTC was reached at $1,147.25 each. Since its peak in early December of 2013, BTC has dropped to sub $600 but it regained some of those losses and is currently (mid December 2013) trading around $800.

A pretty good ride from a nickel to $1,150 dollars in only a few short years. But the big question surrounding Bitcoin is will it every find a place in the main stream market. There are so few retail outlets that accept bitcoin world wide that its hard to imagine the price of BTC stabalizing at $1k or even a fraction of that if there are not more retail outlets anxious to join the BTC party.

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