1.6 TH/s – 24 hour Bitcoin ASIC SHA-256 Mining Contract 1600GH/s

GET MINING TODAY! BITCOIN 24 HOUR BLOCK — COINTERRA MINING 1.6TH/s FEATURES” Excited about Bitcoin, and want to get involved? Purchase a 24-hour mining contract at our high 1.6 TH/s (1,60000 GH/s rate ) using our COINTERRA Bitcoin Miner. This is for Bitcoin Mining Only. No hardware will be delivered. Upon submission of payment, Send the following information via the payment details or via the eBay messaging system: Pool Address Worker Name Worker Password PLEASE NOTE: We do not need your login username and password for the pool, just the worker name and worker password used to connect our miner. If you would like to send a second backup pool you would like us to use if the primary fails, we’re happy to include it as a secondary pool. No refunds will be given once the contract is completed. We will provide a time-stamped screenshot of the contract when it began, as well as a screenshot of the contract when it completes. If there is any downtime (due to your pool being down or any other problems) We will make up for the missed times. Even if the downtime is not our fault. we will make sure you get 24 hours mining at an average rate of at least 1,600.0GH/s. Free Bitcoins coins “earn free coins daily” By signing up to QoinPro.com “You will receive free Bitcoins instantly and every 24hr forever” Yes, seriously! free coins daily Just for signing up. QoinPro Website is clean no spam and no customer info needed ALL Free! check it out: 1. you can also create some extra email addresses to earn more coins. 2. Refer your friends and ear even more coins. THANK YOU, and HAPPY BIDDING!”

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